Hospitality, Care and Nursing Placements. - GO WORK & TRAVEL
You can apply via our website and we will forward your information on to your nearest agent and they will explain the whole program to you, followed by a personal interview by a GO WORK & TRAVEL representative.
The documents you will need are:
Curriculum Vitae in GO WORK & TRAVEL Formatt (Click here)
2 References - (one must be from a former employer and one can be a personal reference or a previous employer)
Medical Declaration Assessment form completed - (click here)
GO WORK & TRAVEL Application form - (click here)
2 photographs - remember to keep these professional! Look smart and smile! One should be a face photograph and one full body photograph.
Copy of ID or Passport - This is very important as we need to have proof of who you are.
Whilst is seems that there is alot of documents you have to provide, it will really help your application and prove to an employer that you are a serious candidate. It is also a legal requirement in the UK to have most of these documents.
Once you have gathered all the above information, email it to:
One of GO WORK & TRAVEL's placement specialists will be in touch shortly after.
If you need any help with the completion of any documents, please don't be afraid to contact us.
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